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New Automated UPS Super-Hub Speeds Shipments and Improves Service

Automated UPS Hub Speeds Shipping

Eight years ago, UPS changed the game with the introduction of our most technologically advanced distribution megahub—Worldport. On April 10th, 2010, UPS completed a billion-dollar expansion of the facility, creating a new standard for global logistics.

"Basically it was a four-million-square-foot supercomputer," Worldport manager Steve Mockus explained. "Now, it’s even bigger and better." All of that increased capacity allows UPS to process late-arriving shipments while still maintaining on-time departures. It’s also improved the ability to recover and maintain service during natural disasters and weather events, such as hurricanes and snowstorms.

The Louisville, Kentucky facility is the company’s largest, fully-automated package-handling hub and the home of UPS Airlines. With the upgrade complete, the facility is now the size of 90 football fields, measuring 5.2 million square feet, with a perimeter of 7.2 miles. UPS tripled the number of conveyors, nearly doubled aircraft building docks and increased sorting capacity by 37% to 416,000 packages per hour. That's around 115 packages per second. The operation turns over 130 aircraft daily, with package and freight shipments bound for destinations across the globe.

"Expanding Worldport already has proven a wise investment in customer service," said Bob Lekites, president of UPS Airlines. "It brings both the scale and the technology to keep one of the most advanced logistics networks running in peak condition."

Article Highlights

  • 155 miles of conveyors speeds your packages to their destinations
  • 416,000 packages per hour sort capacity for faster transit times

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